Renee Bowman pleads guilty to abuse

Renee Bowman
Renee Bowman

Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse:

You all remember Frog Clown over there, don’t you?

In case you don’t that’s 44-year-old Renee Bowman from Calvert County, Maryland. She’s the ‘woman’ who was arrested when the bodies of two of her adopted daughters were found in her freezer.

Police were tipped off when a third adopted girl escaped the residence because of abuse.

The latest is that Bowman has pleaded guilty to abuse of the third child. She is still going to be tried in the deaths of the two girls. They allegedly died from asphyxia at Bowman’s hands.

She’s looking at 25 years on the abuse alone.

Thanks to DodiaFae for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Renee Bowman pleads guilty to abuse”

  1. So…she’s entered a plea of guilty to the abuse, but is still denying any responsibility for the deaths? Why does that NOT surprise me? Just go ahead and stuff her big fat butt in a freezer for a few months. If you can find one large enough to hold her……


  2. how in the hell did this woman get adopted children? I hope she rots in prison and ends with a misreable death just like she did them babies.


  3. shut the hell up you dont know her or what happened i know renee personally and i hate spectators always running off at the mouth from the sidelines trying to get attention acting like their lives ain’t just as fucked up.. 👿


    1. whatever:
      Really? Are you really that much of an idiot? She had two dead kids in her freakin’ freezer, dimwit! No, I really don’t think any of the regulars on this site keep dead kids in the freezer. Do you? Maybe we should send the police to check your house for kidsicles too, hmmmm? Did you help her pack her kids in among the frozen veggies and hamburgers?

      Again, no….none of our lives are anywhere near as fucked up as the frog clown’s. Putting your kids on ice takes a special kind of fucked up, that no decent human being ever achieves.

      You might want to think about getting some psychological help, if you really believe keeping dead kids in the freezer is OK. 😯


  4. Whatever.
    If you’re her friend then you must have been wondering what happened to the kids that were living there? Or did she just tell you they were somewhere “Chillin”?

    If you did notice that she was minus 2 kids, then maybe you should be arrested for not coming foreward or is it against the law to be a douchebag?


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