Family comes forward in West Memphis 3 case

Damien Echols
Damien Echols

Update: Convicted Killer, Damien Echols Speaks Out About New Developments:

So this past week some new ‘evidence’ in the case of the West Memphis 3 has been unveiled. A mother and her two sons have ‘come forward’ claiming that they saw Terry Hobbs with the three victims the day of their murder. Hobbs has previously testified that he never saw his stepson and his two friends that day.

If you’ll recall the WM3 defense group claim that DNA found on one of the children that belongs to Hobbs shows that Hobbs is the murderer.

The woman and her sons claim that they were never interviewed by police at the time of the murders. So apparently they felt that 16 years later was the appropriate time to come forward.

I find it a little convenient that these people are coming forward now to implicate Hobbs. For years the West Memphis 3 supporters have pointed their black nail polish covered fingers at Mark Byers. But ever since the DNA ‘evidence’ was discovered to have belonged to Terry Hobbs he’s been the new target of the outcast masses.

Terry Hobbs lawyer has basically called the allegations ridiculous and that basically WM3 attorney Dennis Riordan is a liar.

4 thoughts on “Family comes forward in West Memphis 3 case”

  1. You sure do use the word “basically” a lot when referring to things about this case that you don’t like.  But you never actually cite what you’re summing up with the “basically”.  It would be helpful if you could include some actual info, or links, instead of expecting your readers to take your word for it.  I’d rather have factual evidence shown to me, rather than have to take someone’s opinion as fact.  Thanks! 


      1. I am not ready to say who did these murders. But what it sounds like to me is that you are saying is that the three are guilty with no (Jason Baldwin) or little evidence against them. If someone can show actual physical evidence against anyone maybe it would be different. And please do not tell me about the fibers that are similar to generic clothes found in Jason’s home because they prove nothing. All the evidence in this case does not point to anyone including the three. Jessie’s first confession was coerced so therefore his subsequent confessions are not believable because he also did not take a deal to testify against the other two. This case was screwed up by West Memphis police from the beginning and I don’t think anybody will ever know who actually did this. I think you are a victim of the hype machine for the three being guilty. And please do not say that I am believing what was said in this story. But I do think a proper investigation needs to be done and if the evidence points to the three then so be it. But you need remember when something like this occurs the family should be investigated and that still has not been done to this day. Jerry Driver pointed the finger at Damien and that is where the police went and they did not investigate anything else so spare with the usual responses of the three guilty because they were satanists or they don’t have an alibi because there was no evidence at the scene to point to them


        1. Also the kids testifying at trial that Damien bragged should not have been allowed as it was hearsay testimony. All other witnesses except for Hollingsworth have recanted and said they lied. If I was on that jury I would not have been able to convict with the evidence presented


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