CNN on the West Memphis 3

Damien Echols
Damien Echols

Victims’ parents remain divided over West Memphis 3 case:

It seems that has run out of Jon & Kate and Casey Anthony news to write about and decided to post an article about the West Memphis 3 for some reason.

Nothing new in the article but it brought the black nail polished outcast masses to their keyboards to comment on the article.

And once again the comments show that the WM3 supporters are still made up of two factions. The ones who think that Mark Byers did it or the ones that used to think that Mark Byers did it but now think Terry Hobbs did because of the so-called DNA evidence. The real funny thing is I don’t think they care who really did it as long as Damien Echols gets released. Which is kind of the same thing they say put Echols in jail in the first place. So, in my opinion, it seems they don’t care if a wrongly accused man gets put in jail as long as Echols is free. And I say Echols because like I’ve contended this has always been about him.

Again I say that maybe the fact that Echols and friends are still in jail and have had all their appeals denied is because they’re actually guilty and it’s not just some anti-metal-goth-Wiccan-pagan conspiracy. But the WM3 supporters won’t dare to step out of their black box to actually think that.

2 thoughts on “CNN on the West Memphis 3”

  1. Listen, the injuries to the young boys that put
    the WM3 in prison were proven to be created by animals, and not knife wounds as
    was presented by the prosecution, that they (WM3) cut the boys and drank their
    blood. Their whole case was based on that. Most children are murdered by
    someone they know…read some forensic and profiler books before you spout out
    your un professional opinion. Now that the good-ol-bible-thumping-christian-boy
    network has been exposed for what they are…witch hunters who ignore science and
    see devils hiding around every corner. Only in the hick, conservative south
    could this happen in this day and age.     


    1. Please. Did you copy and paste that from 

      Paid experts testified that the wounds were caused by animals. That is hardly considered proof. 

      I will agree with you that most children are killed by someone they know but not all. Have you never heard of a thrill kill? That’s what this was. They killed for the sake of killing. 

      By the way do you consider the Arkansas Supreme Court to be southern conservatives hicks who are part of the Christian ol boy network? Because that’s who upheld their convictions. 


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