No new trial for West Memphis 3


Judge: No new trial in West Memphis case:

Circuit Court Judge David Burnett rejected the latest requests for a new trial for two-thirds of the infamous West Memphis 3. Burnett basically said that Jason Baldwin was adequately represented at his trial. Also, the judge rejected claims that turtles caused the mutilations of the victims.

Wait… what? Turtles? Really? That’s the best that you can come up with as a reason for appeal? Turtles? I mean seriously. Turtles?

No wonder Baldwin and Misskelley didn’t get a new trial. With appeals like that, I wouldn’t grant one either. They may have been adequately represented at their trial but their lawyers seem like idiots grasping at straws now.

And again whenever one of these three come up in the news I have to remind their followers to stop believing in conspiracies and think just for a minute that they may actually be guilty.

Well they are guilty because a jury convicted them but that’s beside the point

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