Reaction to the recent West Memphis 3 ruling


Supporters Respond to West Memphis Three Ruling:

The black nail polish wearing masses are running their mascara with tears over the recent ruling on the West Memphis 3 and those are just the men. I kid but the more zealot supporters bite on it every time.

Anyway, this article has some reactions from some more infamous supporters on the most recent decision.

First, let’s go to the toothless wonder, John Mark Byers.

“All the evidence, DNA and eyewitness accounts and everything that have come out in the past few years, all point toward another individual and there’s not a shred that points towards the West Memphis Three.”

You remember Byers, don’t you? He was the guy from the Paradise Lost movies who everyone was convinced that he was the actual murderer. As a matter of fact, a lot of the WM3 supporters still do.

Now let’s go to head windmill tilter Damien Echols’ wife and head of the WM3 Defense Fund Lorri Davis…

“The next step for Jason, Jessie and Damien is to appeal to the Supreme Court of Arkansas. All the evidence will be considered and we’re hoping against hope the judges in the Supreme Court are interested in justice.”

If they are interested in justice then the three will remain behind bars.

When the Arkansas Supreme Court denies their request for a new trial will the supporters still cry conspiracy and call the Arkansas Supreme Court Justices ignorant rednecks? You bet your ass they will.

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