Kimveer Gill fan page on Facebook

Kimveer Gill fan club pulled from Facebook:

It seems that either the Kimveer Gill mutants, who I will now refer to as gill-men, or some asshole who wanted to stir up some shit has been busy on Facebook.

Briefly on Facebook the other day the Kimveer Gill Fan Club page popped up. It was listed as “The place to be if you think Kimveer Gill was a hero.”

For those of you who may not remember who Kimveer Gill was, he was a 25-year-old loser from Montreal who not only lived with his parents but opened fire at Dawson College in Montreal wounding 19 and killing Dawson student Anastasia De Souza before taking the coward’s way out himself. Gill did not even attend Dawson and had staked out other schools as well.

In the interest of transparency Gill even commented on this site. I banned him from the site long before his attack.

Anyway, the Facebook fan page had 86 members at the time it was shut down so even if it was just some jackhole who started it I’m sure there were some gill-men among its membership.

I have yet to find any credible reports on whether or not Facebook pulled the page or if it was pulled by its originator.

A lot of people tend not to believe me when I say there are ‘fans’ and ‘worshipers’ of school shooters yet here we are.  I get the feeling this will just be the first of many of these types of groups on Facebook if there aren’t more already.

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