CBS, Johnny Depp and Damien Echols


So on Saturday, 48 Hours on CBS aired an episode entitled A Cry for Innocence about the West Memphis 3 or again should I say it was really about Damien Echols. As usual, he was the only one of the convicted that was interviewed. And as usual, just like the documentaries, details were left out of the story.

First I want to comment on Echols’ wife, Lorri Davis. I’m sure I’ve said this before but she is nothing more than a Damien Echols stalker. She’s just like the women who write to the Menedez brothers. I would lay odds that the only reason Echols married her is that she is just the most zealot of Echols cult of personality. And that she serves the purpose of being the public face of the Damien Echols Liberation Front.

And 21-Jump-Street’s own Johnny Depp was interviewed as well. He said that he could commiserate with Echols, again not the other two. He says that he was a kid from a small Kentucky town who was thought of as an outcast because he dressed and acted differently than the other people in his town. Then again so did I but I didn’t kill 3 children. And who doesn’t know more about social causes than celebrities? No cause a celebrity has ever endorsed has ever been misguided. You know, like the ones that want to free a convicted cop killer from Philadelphia.

I also like all the people who started coming forward, especially his ex-wife like she doesn’t have a grudge after the so-called DNA evidence was released.

Left out of the piece was the facts that a witness has testified that Damien Echols stomped a sick dog to death in ’92, the fact that Damien Echols had been committed because of violent behavior, that Echols testified that the ‘killer’ would enjoy hearing the victims scream and would have thought the murders were funny and that Misskelley confessed even after his conviction with his lawyer present.

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