The Last Columbine Mystery

David Cullen
David Cullen

The Daily Beast

Another post by Dave Cullen. This time on a meeting between the parents of Eric Harris and one of his victims, Daniel Mauser.

Very interesting read however it does not change my opinion that the Harrises bear a major responsibility for what happened.

4 thoughts on “The Last Columbine Mystery”

  1. it’s bull shit they shouldn’ hold the bag for what their on did.. Are you stupid or something???????? i mean he knew what he was doin it was planned how can u blame theparents ??? i mean he was pretty much 18


  2. Blame the parents of the shooters for not being forthright with the families of the victims. They were not totally responsible for the tragedy. Blame the Jeffco Sheriff deputies who raped the shooters during an arrest which provoked them. Also blame the system that attempted to cover up the pedophilia and didn’t serve the search warrant on Harris.
    google – you tube    Columbine family request    January Incident   Walsh buttrape etc.


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