Renee Bowman sentenced to life

Renee Bowman
Renee Bowman

Md. mom who killed 2 girls gets life; froze bodies:

We all remember Frog Clown over there right? Anyway, that’s Renee Bowman of Maryland. She was convicted of killing two of her adopted daughters and keeping their bodies in a freezer so she could continue to collect benefits in their names.

Yesterday she was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for their murders and 75 years for their abuse.

26 thoughts on “Renee Bowman sentenced to life”

    1. No, the life sentences are consecutive, not concurrent, so maybe 25 years or so, when you add in the portion of the 75 yrs she will serve.
      You know, there are actual parental units that have killed their own children who don’t get this much jail time.
      So, do the courts think it’s worse to kill children you foster or adopt than your own blood kin?
      I’m still waiting for one of these pieces of hyena shit to actually get the death penalty. Please God, sometime, OK? 😡


      1. I agree, why should the tax payers have to pay for her to get fatter, she plead guilty and thats what saved her life, but now the same people who paid her to keep the frozen bodies are the same people who have to pay her way for the rest of her life. Discusting, no matter what this bitch gets to live off the hard working peoples tax dollars, just shoot her right between the fricken eyes and be done with the cunt. 👿


    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of her jail-mates was the birth mother of one of the fosters that this buzzard turd adopted and then killed? Well, not nice exactly, but that would be true jail justice. I can’t imagine her getting out of a situation like that alive. And hopefully hurting a LOT before she died.


  1. she looks like a fa-ahem chunky…sideshow bob with that hair. Maybe sideshow slob.
    Anyways. Prison folk don’t really care for kid killers. I’m sure she’ll get a super small dose of the medicine she dispensed to those kids.


          1. We did we really needed it bad! 3 days of splashing around in a indoor waterpark, turning into prunes!


        1. Deena…you must be close to me. you are talking about the one down Olympia way? unless there is another one. im in Tacoma


  2. Ok, I just have to say this…..have you ever noticed how some people just look ‘evil’? Well, this is one of them. She just looks like someone who would abuse children and if I were a child, I would just hate to have look at that everyday, “it” would scare the shit out of me!


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