It pays to be famous II: Natalie Maines adds insult to Terry Hobbs injury

Natalie Maines

Maines Wins Legal Fees After Defamation Case:

I posted about the libel suit filed against Natalie Maines by Terry Hobbs here and the dismissal of the suit here.

Basically, Maines called Terry Hobbs the ‘real killer’ of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore, the three children who the much-ballyhooed West Memphis 3 were convicted of killing. Which means for all intents and purposes the WM3 killed them.

Terry Hobbs was the stepfather to Stevie Branch but now that Terry Hobbs hair was found on one of the boys has got the black nail polished masses are saying that Terry Hobbs is the killer even though for over a decade they called for the head of Mark Byers. Like I’ve said before the so-called DNA evidence neither implicates Hobbs nor exonerates Damien Echols and his lackeys.

This didn’t stop Maines from basically calling Hobbs the real killer in a public rally for the WM3. Mr. Hobbs filed a libel suit against Maines and it was dismissed because a judge said that Maines did not act with malice. Even if she acted with stupidity isn’t that still libel. Anyway, I think that the reason the suit was dismissed is that Maines is famous and the judge didn’t want the heat.

Now not only has the suit been dismissed but Terry Hobbs has been ordered to pay the legal fees of the multimillion-dollar recording artist. A whopping $17,590.

Is that really necessary? To Maines, I’m sure that’s the cost of one of her pleather coated tour bus seats but to someone like Mr. Hobbs, a guy who is just trying to make a living, that could be half a year’s salary or more.

Since no real court will file charges against him are you taking it upon yourself to break Terry Hobbs? Because that’s what it looks like to me.

One thought on “It pays to be famous II: Natalie Maines adds insult to Terry Hobbs injury”

  1. I really don’t know who did it or what to believe but I know this, Terry Hobbs has been dishonest about numerous things according to witnesses and the police have made so many mistakes that who knows what really happened. The justice system is flawed and will never be perfect because humans are invloved and there has only ever been one perfect person and that was Jesus so I pray that the truth will come out eventually.


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