11-year-old girl raped by two men in same day

Christopher M Spiehler
Christopher M Spiehler

Slidell and Waveland, Miss. men booked with statutory rape of 11-year-old St. Tammany girl:

Finster over there is 29-year-old Christopher M. Spiehler of Slidell, Louisiana. He’s accused of the statutory rape of an 11-year-old girl from Tammany Parish that he met through VampireFreaks.

Let’s get this out of the way first. No 11-year-old should be on VampireFreaks let alone any other social networking site.

The girl allegedly told Spiehler that she was running away so he picked her and took her across state lines into Mississippi. There he ‘allegedly sexually assaulted’ (raped) the girl and left her at a gas station.

While at the gas station police say she was picked up by 21-year-old Sean Robertson of Waveland, Miss. who took her back to his place and raped her as well.

What are the odds?

And there is no way in hell that the ‘She said she was 18 excuse’ is even plausible in this case. There is no way an 11-year-old girl can look 18.

These scumbags are nothing more than child molesters. How can a 29-year-old man possibly be physically attracted to an 11-year-old girl?

They should be charged with child molestation instead of statutory rape not that either charge will probably get them any real jail time.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

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