The craigslist conundrum about human trafficking


More on Craigslist and Its Adult Services Ads:

Brad Stone who wrote the NY Times article about how much money craigslist is making off its sex ads has responded to the most recent blogging by craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster (pictured).

On Wednesday, in a blog post, Mr. Buckmaster got a little more specific. He said the foundation would focus on 10 causes, including peace and disarmament, United States military veterans, and human trafficking and child exploitation. The fund, he wrote, will focus on supporting organizations with annual budgets of less than $5 million.

The peace and disarmament and the United States military veterans are noble causes however I find it ironic that one of the major facilitators of human trafficking and child exploitation is using the money they make on human trafficking and child exploitation to combat human trafficking and child exploitation.

My head hurts on that one. I think that caused a rip in the space-time continuum.

Not to mention that Jimmy B. may have a hard time finding a legitimate foundation to accept money made on the back exploited women and children.

When asked on Thursday about Craigslist’s philanthropic effort, one advocate suggested that her organization would not take donations from it. “As a nonprofit service provider who is continually in dire need of funding – and please quote me on that – I would not accept money from Craigslist,” said Rachel Lloyd, executive director of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, which provides services to sexually exploited and trafficked women. “That money has come from pimps and traffickers who have sold many of the girls who will then walk into my door.”

Why is it that everyone can pick that conundrum out of crowd except for Jim Buckmaster?

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