Enrique Alard arrested for craigslist rape of teen boy

Man Accused Of Craigslist Sexual Assault:

Cops: Man Lured Teen Into Sex Assault on Craigslist:

Hey Jim Buckmaster. I want you to see what is taking place on the ‘personal ads’ that you refuse to do anything about.

26-year-old Enrique Alard of Miami, Florida has been charged with forcing a 14-year-old boy to perform a sex act on him. Where I come from that’s considered rape.

Alard met the boy through a craigslist personal ad. For right now let’s get past the part that no parent should ever let their 14-year-old be on craigslist.

You tout your community policing and claim that you’re under some kind of religious attack to have the personals shut down but this is the real reason they should be shut down.

A child was raped through your site and yet you continue to act like your site is doing the world a favor.

Are you honestly that clueless or are you just that greedy?

I know craigslist knows that this blog exists. It’s my hope that one of your toadies bring it to your attention to see what you have wrought.

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