Richard Sabatasse is really pushing the ‘she said she was 19’ line

MySpace Kidnapping Suspect Back In Court:

I originally posted about Richard Sabatasse here. He’s accused of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

As I mentioned in the previous post he’s trying the ‘she said she was 19’ defense and he is really trying to sell this defense even to the media.

“If we look at the situation, her MySpace said she was 19-years-old, she had an [identification card] to get into the night club.

Allegedly Sabatasse picked the girl up from school. Since the girl is 14 he must have picked her up from a middle school or at best a high school. Either of which should have been a tip-off that the girl was probably not 19.

Let’s not also forget that Sabatasse is still awaiting sentencing on charges of corruption of minors, indecent assaults, and lewdness.

He’s either a predator or the stupidest man alive. I would lean towards predator.

2 thoughts on “Richard Sabatasse is really pushing the ‘she said she was 19’ line”

  1. This is Richard Sabatassse (jackass) and you say that I am a predator or the stupidest man alive…..but why don’t you post that I passed the polygraph test….or that I am released and I’m currently engaged to a beautiful women with 2 kids of her own….or that I have a full-time job coming out of prison making $23.00 hr.

    Also dumbass why don’t post that Dr.{redacted} (Google who he is) is my current counselor and even he has diagnosed me with at most an anxiety disorder….not a sexually violent predator. Even CYS had looked onto me with dating a women with kids and they have spoke to Dr. [redacted] and are under the same mindfulness.

    An post the letters the [redacted] the bitch I got locked up over wrote to me well I am in Fayette County Jail awaiting trail. Even she admitted that she had a fake ID and lied and I never picked her up at school… was at her home address at like 6pm in the afternoon.
    Get your fucking facts right….or even that her uncle got incarcerated well I was in Fayette County Jail and was willing to be a witness that she used a fake ID to manipulate other men.

    I only agreed to the fucking plea to avoid getting a mandatory minimum 10years followed by on outside possibility of 25 to life.
    I was told that all that the Districy Attorney would have to prove is that I was an adult and she was a minor and sexual activity took place….all the evidence and mitigating evidence would not be allowed at trial.

    THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IS A FUCKING JOKE…..and clowns like you only post their side of the story to make yourself look good.


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