Two Pa. men arrested in separate MySpace rapes

Richland Township Police Arrest Online Predators:

Two men face sex charges:

Police in Richland Township, Pennsylvania have arrested 18-year-old Tyler Scott Burkhart and 21-year-old Christopher Todd Mummert for having sex with 13-year-old girls they met on MySpace. The two cases are actually unrelated.

In Burkhart’s case, he picked up his victim up from a playground after meeting her on MySpace. You can’t be any more of a pedophile cliche by doing that.

Anyway besides the fact that these 2 assclowns are child molesting scum I have an issue with some of the charges they’ve been charged with.

Burkhart was charged with three counts each of statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and corruption of a minor.

Mummert was charged with one count each of statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and corruption of a minor.

What the hell is statutory sexual assault? These children were under age of consent so let’s call it what it is, statutory rape. Hell, let’s even go as far as having the statutory part removed because even that seems to have lessened the impact of what these child molesters do. It should be called what it really is, child rape.

13 thoughts on “Two Pa. men arrested in separate MySpace rapes”

  1. Let’s get one thing straight…. I am a defendant in one of these cases and never was charged with forcible rape, which is the legal difference. The victim was not legal to consent based upon age, which classified the crime as sexual assault. I refuse to allow someone to call me a rapist when the defendant in my case is still out having sex with adults in the area after I served my time. As far as this article is concerned? heresay and garbage. I urge you to say that to my face. It is illegal to harrass sex offenders.


    1. …and one more thing, I have done my sentence in prison and am currently trying to find a job because nobody will hire me, and I have a 20 year old girlfriend a child on the way, while scum like you are hiding behind a keyboard bad-mouthing someone you dont even know…The victim in my case was sleeping around with adults before and after me, so shut your mouth or look me up and come say it to my face.


      1. Lmao! So does your knocked up girlfriend know she’s got a pervert as a sperm donor? Good luck with that job thingy. Not really.


        1. And another thing. Responsible people have jobs and are able to support a family BEFORE getting pregnant. It is no mystery what causes it or how to prevent it. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that your girlfriend is a “winner” too. I’m sure you will make wonderful parents…


      2. So the people calling your act for what it is are “scum”, while you’re just an innocent victim manipulated by some 13YO seductress? Yeah, right…and you might wanna get a better excuse than “everybody was doing it”, seeing how that only works if you’re the same age as your victim.


    2. Well jesus, maybe you should have thought about that before you opted to fuck a 13 year old? Trench pulls these articles should you be found not guilty, which obviously wasn’t the case, so you might as well deal with it. Yes, nobody wants to hire a pervert, so you best take up something where you don’t actually work for other people (like day trading, or selling used car parts on ebay).


      1. Thank you Vega.

        Not only do I pull posts if someone has been acquitted but I’ve also pulled posts when someone has asked. I’ve gotten a few e-mails from guys who got busted and did their time and were looking to get their lives back together. I was more than happy to delete those posts because they all seemed remorseful. Our friend here? Not so much. He sounds like he feels that he did nothing wrong. That’s the opposite of remorse.

        By the way, statutory rape is still rape. I mean it has the word rape right there in its name.


    3. Chris,

      Any adult who has sex with a minor is a rapist. One of the side effects of minors being repeatedly raped is that they become promiscuous. What you call “having sex with adults” is in fact rape.

      If we follow your rationale to conclusion, then the only rapists are the first ones to have sex with a minor. Any subsequent rapists are really just victims lured in by a promiscuous minor. This is complete and utter nonsense.

      It’s time for you to man up and take responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for ruining a young woman’s life. You are a despicable human being.


  2. Who cares if the victim was “sleeping around!” Did you hear about that and decide you wanted some, and you are the only one who got caught? If the child is “sleeping around,” that only means that there are other scumbags such as yourself. A grown man who has sex with a child is committing rape. Period. You want to be Mr Upstanding Citizen? Perhaps a little more remorse and a little less anger might help.


  3. Okay so I feel as though I need to acknowledge your oppinions folks.. I do respect your anger and I want you all to know I regret my comments that were made during a hard day. You see.. I had a really good comeback going at a restaraunt job that I loved for about a year until somebody recognized my face and got me terminated under the excuse that my employment made them uneasy… so ive had trouble finding employment ecer since to supplement my adult girlfriend who is pregnant. She isnt just a sperm donor.. she has taught me to be the person I shouldve been all along and has shown me how to believe in myself instead of living my previous lifestyle. You see… the crime that the article references was committed because I grew up being bullied by my peers because ive never been my size and they always said I was weird… at age 24 im still only 5’6″ and 105 lbs…. and so growing up I spent a lot of time around my brother who is 4 years younger than me and back in 2009 the majority of my friends were 4-6 years younger than me. As hard as that may be to relate to it is what happened. I just went to whoever would accept me… and that is how I met the victim in my case. We have to rhis day many mutual friends and in 2009 she was online portraying herself as 16 while I was 20… so we engaged into a lot of conversations and only after we had revealed personal details about ourselves did her true age come up. Look… I admit I shouldve never agreed to meet with her… I regretThat. I never thought that day would define my life. All I wanted was to be accepted and she was a very pretty gal who seemed very interested in who I was. Like I said at that time in my life I wasnt very mature… but I also know that a factor in agreeing to meet up with her was her admission that she wasnt afraid to meet up with adults. I never had to bribe… and I never hid any facts about myself… in the years since my conviction I have attended counseling and gotten in an adult relationship and I do not engage in contact with minors… I do not use facebook or twitter and I work part time at an electronics retailer in this area. Unfortunately the victim in my case has continued to date adults on and off and one of her age appropriate boyfriends that she did have committed suicide after she cheated on him with a 25 year old.. she is currently 17. I do feel somewhat responsible for promoting that behavior back in 2009 and I regret that I cant undo it. I will say this though… anyone who saw us together as far as our friends were concerned would tell you they didnt notice anything wrong.. and id be lying if I said our friends werent involved…. on both sides of the story we had friends hanging out with us and covering for us…I admit that she shouldve never been subjected to that from me and I admit that I couldve tried harder to be more mature. All im saying is that notAll sex offenders are bad people. In my case I know that all I needed to do was try harder… and I am now. I think that websites like this where judgemental people bully me are horrible. I understand that theres a stereotype out there but at the same time im also not a monster or a danger… my girlfriend isnt just carrying my sperm. We are happy and im trying to move on with my life and its hard when everyone wants to talk about that time I picked up an underager in 2009. How would you feel if any random bad choice you made suddenly impacted the rest of your life? Im just trying to get on with mine… before you guys decide to bully me further… just remember its not very easy for people like me to be able to move on if I have to be subjected to that. And for the record…. I wish the victim in my case well and I hope that she puts down the weed and the beer and makes something of her life.


  4. Hope you are doing better. Keep on trying. Do not let judgemental people keep you down. You did a bad crime payed you debt no time to move on


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