Scott Shefelbine wants his guilty pleas thrown out

Scott Shefelbine
Scott Shefelbine

Multiple Sex Offender Wants Guilty Pleas Thrown Out:

Like the proverbial bad penny, the most prolific MySpace sex offender in the history of this website is back in the news.

For those of you who haven’t been following the site that long Scott Shefelbine of Tolland, Connecticut was arrested multiple times for various sex offenses involving MySpace and underage victims.

Each time he got arrested his parents would post his bond only for him to get arrested again. Eventually, the courts had enough and had Shefelbine’s bond revoked.

The entire history of the case is almost unbelievable as his dad punched out a female news reporter and his mom tried offering up a church bulletin as proof that Shefelbine was abiding by his bind guidelines.

Shefelbine eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years. He was looking at life behind bars.

Now he’s saying that he wants his plea thrown out because he claims he made them under coercion. He claims that he pleaded guilty in order for his mom to avoid going to jail for perjury, the whole church bulletin thing. He is also now claiming that his legal counsel at the time did not represent his best interests and was only out to make a buck.

Normally I don’t say this but I want his pleas thrown out too. I would love to see Shefelbine taken to trial. He was arrested if memory serves me correctly, 13 times.

Please take it to trial. I would love to see Scotty get his ass thrown in jail for life.

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