Pity for John Odgren ‘unthinkable’

John Odgren

Victim’s kin: Pity for John Odgren ‘unthinkable’:

The parents of James Alenson have spoken out on the latest ploy to get their son’s killer out of jail early. Jon and Carman Alenson had this to say about John Odgren’s request to have his conviction lowered to second-degree murder.

“Our family waited three and a half years for a trial. The trial was fair and a jury of John Odgren’s peers found him guilty of first-degree murder,” the Alensons said. “To seek a reduced verdict seems unfair, as our son does not get anything less than death. To hear that John Odgren’s imprisonment is unfair or cruel when he is the one who murdered our beloved son is unthinkable to us.”

Odgren’s scumbag attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, had this to say in his client’s defense…

“A first-degree murder verdict is reserved for those persons who are truly the most culpable and who are deserving of the most serious punishment the law provides,” Shapiro said. “We don’t think that justice was served in this case, when the crime was committed by a (then) 16-year-old mentally ill child.”

Mentally ill my ass. He had the mental faculties to plan this murder out almost to a T. The only thing that wasn’t premeditated was his victim. James Alenson was picked at random, other than that Odgren had the rest of the details completely planned out.

Let’s also not forget that Odgren slit the throat of James Alenson before plunging the long blade of the knife square into James Alenson’s heart.

He gave James Alenson no mercy so no mercy for his killer should be expected.

One thought on “Pity for John Odgren ‘unthinkable’”

  1. that is what is wrong with many crimes that are done by evil people.
    They are always judged mentally ill, on some sort of heavy drugs, abused them selves when they were young. Get real, he knew what he was planning to do, who he was planning on doing.


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