Craigslist: The WalMart of human trafficking

Sold on Craigslist: Critics say sex ad crackdown inadequate:

I implore you to please watch the entire video from CNN  at the link above. Not only will you see that the victims of human trafficking on craigslist are real but it will also show you the bald-faced lies that craigslist puts out.

I used to cut Craig Newmark some slack since craigslist really isn’t his company anymore but after seeing how weaselly he was acting about the sex ads he gets no more slack from me. The fact that craigslist says that they monitor every ad for prostitution and then Newmark asks Amber Lyon if the ad had been reported just makes me sick. The hypocrisy could not be any more blatant. Not to mention that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has only received 100 calls from craigslist about child prostitution when the number of children that are trafficked on craigslist is many times more than that.

The other blatant lie that Newmark puts forth is that craigslist does more to curb human trafficking than any other site. That is the biggest load of crap ever. As I’ve mentioned before my friend Greg Collier runs and not once has an ad for human trafficking or child prostitution ever been posted on the site. As Greg likes to say it is possible to run a classifieds site without these ads and still remain profitable. I hate to keep hitting you over the head with the Geebo sledgehammer but as far as I am concerned Geebo really is the shining example of the free classifieds industry.

Please read the text of the article too to see exactly what kind of human trafficking and child prostitution are happening on craigslist.

But I want to talk about what craigslist’s mouthpiece, Susan MacTavish, had to say…

Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish told CNN in an e-mail that of all the websites that offer adult services ads, Craigslist is the leader in pushing users to report any suspected violation. She said the site cooperates fully with law enforcement, and that fewer than one ad in 10,000 meets the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s guidelines for anti-trafficking action.

MacTavish also noted that Craigslist requires anyone posting an ad to give the website a phone number, which is verified as being real. She said that because Craigslist follows the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s guidelines, the percentage of ads in its adult services section that are in fact children is “effectively zero.”

If by “effectively zero” she means a cubic ass-ton then she would be correct. Watching the craigslist higher-ups in action is really like watching the propaganda arm of a failing dictatorship.

Look, if you use craigslist for whatever reason, I don’t care if it’s buying a couch or trying to find kittens a home, you are supporting human trafficking and child prostitution. The only way craigslist is going to change anything is if they are hurt in their pocketbooks, which I would guess Craig Newmark actually carries after watching him in action.

Again I urge you to please show your friends this site. Post it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social networking site you may use. People need to know that human trafficking is going on in our very own country and is being facilitated by one of the most popular sites in the world.

3 thoughts on “Craigslist: The WalMart of human trafficking”

  1. way to advertise everything apple in your video. On another note, this is a serious issue but you can’t just blame craigslist. To manually screen ads would be impossible. The only true solution is to remove personal ads from craiglists, however, other sites would spring up and then there’d be another site like this to hate on it. It’s people that are sick that respond and allow these ads to succeed. You can’t change that


  2. You see. This is exactly the kind of apathy I am talking about. Yes. I can blame craigslist. They allow women and children to be trafficked every day and collect the ad money from the pimps and traffickers. It’s not impossible to screen every ad because they say that they are supposedly doing it already. Facebook has a user base of 500 Million and they screen every photo for objectionable material so don’t tell me that it’s impossible. And yes removing the adult services and the casual encounters section is the true solution. Without craigslist there would be very few venues for the traffickers to go without bringing the wrath of the public, once they’re informed and law enforcement down on them.As far as the johns go if it were up to me they would be looking at more than just a fine or a ticket in order to curb demand. Once you remove demand there’s no need for supply.


  3. Ahbitheman — Manually screening ads is something law enforcement does on Craigslist. Craigslist could do it themselves. They could also run keyword searches and take other precautions.


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