Charlotte cop killer won’t get death penalty because of notes

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark
CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

Judge rules Montgomery won’t face death penalty:

As most of us who live in the Queen City know Demeatrius Montgomery is accused of shooting and killing Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton in 2007. Montgomery’s trial started this week in Charlotte.

In what should have been a perfect case of someone deserving the death penalty a judge ruled that Montgomery won’t dance with the needle because of a police officer’s notes. Officer Arvin Fant admitted that he had thrown out notes in regards to the investigation however he says that he re-wrote the notes to make them neater.

To me, that sounds like no big deal but I am a mere civilian. If I have any readers that are in law enforcement I ask you is this really a big deal? Montgomery’s defense attorney wanted the charges dropped over this but what do you expect from a criminal defense attorney?

4 thoughts on “Charlotte cop killer won’t get death penalty because of notes”

  1. i have no doubt that Officer Fant copied his notes word for word, but it was poor judgment to throw the original notes away. i knew as soon as i heard about that on the noon news it was going to be a problem.

    i really can’t watch too much about this trial. it’s bad for my blood pressure. i guess you heard he didn’t want to come out of the courtroom holding cell when the trial began? dude should get an Oscar – he’s got the batshit crazy routine down pretty good.


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