1st day of Charlotte cop killer trial

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark
CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

Officers’ wives testify in Montgomery murder trial:

Today was the first day in the trial of Demeatrius Montgomery. As you may know, he’s accused of killing Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton.

Both of the slain officers’ wives testified today. According to the article, it sounds like it could not have been any more emotional. However, what I want to talk about is the opening arguments made by the defense attorney.

Montgomery’s attorney is claiming that three sets of DNA were found on the gun used to kill the CMPD officers but his DNA was not on the trigger. He’s also arguing that Montgomery could not have shot Officers Shelton and Clark because they were shot in the right side of the head and Montgomery is right-handed. Also, he is claiming police bias since the evidence was processed in the CMPD labs.

A. His DNA is on the gun and he was the only one of the 3 at the scene.

B. It’s not impossible or hard for that matter to shoot with your left hand nor is it impossible to shoot someone in the right side of the head with your right hand.

C. who else is supposed to process the evidence since it was a murder investigation in their jurisdiction.

The defense attorney reminds me of a bad sitcom lawyer. Too bad the death penalty has been taken out of the equation.

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