RCMP wants craigslist to remove erotic services


RCMP wants Craigslist to block erotic ads in Canada:

While craigslist is in day 4 of its self-imposed ‘censorship’ the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are pressuring craigslist to remove the erotic services section in Canada. As I’ve mentioned before while craigslist has gone from erotic services to adult services to the infamous black bar, erotic services is still alive and kicking all over the world outside of the U.S.

How does the saying go? Think globally but act locally? Now is the time to really put that notion to use to try to stop child prostitution and human trafficking all over the world.

One thought on “RCMP wants craigslist to remove erotic services”

  1. I think censoring these services on Craigslist is a huge step forward, and applaud the attempts by the RCMP here in Canada to follow suit and get rid of it. Craigslist in and of itself should be held accountable for solicitation for the purposes of prostitution in that they allow these women to openly advertise for sex in spite of our criminal code that states this is illegal in a public place. The canadian goverment needs to wake up and understand that the internet is indeed a public place, not some vague entity-especially with the numbers of individuals using this site, from children to adults. Anyone with a computer can find a way to access these awful ads…..how much more public can you get? I think the public in general needs to add their support to the RCMP and get not only the erotic services banned, but the “singles” area as well, as the prostitutes that advertise on this site are simply going to start posting their ads there. Kijiji got rid of its singles section over a year ago….its time for Craigslist to act like a responsible part of this society and follow suit.


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