Day 2 of Charlotte cop killer trial

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark
CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

It seems like the city of Charlotte is doing everything in their power to let the alleged killer of two of their own police officers walk away.

While the prosecution did present a witness that is said to have placed Demeatrius Montgomery at the scene where CMPD Officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark were killed they also argued that Montgomery may have killed the officers because of rap music.

Seriously. They argued that one of the motivating factors that led Montgomery to kill the officers was because he listened to a rap song called “Murda Man” moments before he pulled the trigger. Is Tipper Gore running the prosecution or something?

Between this and the evidence being destroyed, I’m almost ready to say that Montgomery has a 50/50 chance of walking out of the courtroom. Sadly this doesn’t surprise me when it concerns Charlotte’s revolving door justice system.

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