RUMOR: Nee wants conviction overturned to become cop

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest
Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

I’ve been hearing a rumor from a few people connected in the Marshfield, Mass. area about the recent attempt by Joe Nee to have his conviction overturned. Now again, this is nothing more than a rumor. I make no claim that there is any truth to this. I’ll let you, the reader, decide for yourself.

Anyway, the rumor goes that Nee wants his convection for plotting an attack against Marshfield High School overturned because he wants to be a Boston cop. Now even if the conviction was overturned how would he ever get a job with the Boston PD with all the controversy that surrounded his arrest and trial? Oh, that’s right, his dad is not only a Boston cop but he also runs the Boston police union. It’s nice to see that the Kennedys weren’t the only ones practicing nepotism in Massachusetts.

Does the Boston PD really need this kind of controversy? Does the Boston PD really need an obvious sociopath like Joe Nee among its ranks?

Not to mention that in my opinion, Joe Nee received special treatment in not only the investigation but also his trial and sentencing because of his father. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was Nee’s father that advised Nee to go to the police to implicate Tobin Kerns.

But again this is all just rumor and speculation.

No decision has been made yet on Nee’s conviction.

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