Woman kept as sex slave and tortured for 7 years


Ozarks Community Shocked by Alleged Sex Trafficking Case:

In Lebanon, Missouri five men have been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly sexually torturing a woman over the course of 7 years.

Those indicted were…

Edward Bagley, Sr., 43, and Michael Stokes, 62, both of Lebanon, Mo., Dennis Henry, 50, of Wheatland, Mo., James Noel, 44, of Springfield, Mo., and Bradley Cook, 31, of St. Louis, Mo.

Bagley is said to be the ring leader as investigators say he was the one who held the girl hostage from 2002 to 2009. Bagley originally met the girl, only identified as VF, when she was a 16-year-old runaway. He convinced her to come live with him as a sex slave even forcing her to sign a contract, that she believed was legally binding, into becoming his sex slave. Bagley is said to have raped and tortured the woman both live and on webcam for years. He is also said to have advertised his little shows online as well. No word on what website he used to advertise but I have my suspicions. He lured the girl into his pathetic life by promising to make her a model which is a common trick among online predators. He dis even said to have had the woman tattooed branding her as his property. If she complained or tried to leave Bagley would only increase the torture. Outside of these shows, Bagley is said to have forced her to work in strip clubs too keeping all her money. Investigators were tipped off when Bagley took the woman to the hospital after torturing her sop bad that she went into cardiac arrest. And that’s only half the story. Please read the entire article to get the full effect.

Now check out what Stokes, Cook, and Henry are said to have done…

Stokes gave Bagley steaks, cigarettes, coats, clothing, lighters and cash. Henry and Stokes paid approximately $2,900 for Bagley to transport FV to California in December 2006 for a photo shoot in which FV performed sexual acts. Henry accompanied Bagley on the trip. Stokes paid Bagley $300 for a torture session, and also gave him money to build a home-made device to sexually torture FV. Cook gave Bradley a hard drive with sadomasochism and torture videos downloaded from the Internet.

So for 7 years this poor woman was violated repeatedly on the internet and was trafficked across the country and no one lifted a finger to a damn thing about it. Just think of how many men watched Bagley’s shows over the years and felt not one iota of guilt or remorse over that 7-year span. Not to mention the indicted suspects who didn’t even treat her like she was human. While the internet has been a great boon to mankind it also allows scum like this to find each other and congregate to wallow in their torturous ways.

And this is just one of the many reasons why I believe we have failed as a society and that the human race has given up all rights to exist on this planet.

Nod to phyllie.

11 thoughts on “Woman kept as sex slave and tortured for 7 years”

  1. Have we heard a full statement from the woman, or is this all coming from the prosecution? Is she pressing charges or is it just the state who claims it was a crime? Who has declared her mentally deficient? This guys sounds like a loser to me, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a consensual sexual relationship that is being twisted into something else by a local prosecutor.

    I’d say all the facts are not in yet to make a judgement. If she is over 18, and consented to the behavior where precisely is the crime? Don’t be surprised to hear there is a lot more to this case than one side cares to allege. In the end, what the DA has a good case for is that he smothered her during a consensual sex act as part of a sadomasochistic session, and then took her to the ER when her heart stopped. Sadly, for all we know she could have been a MENSA genius before he cut off the oxygen supply to her brain. I’m no lawyer, but manslaughter seems to be the only charge that would MAYBE stick if the woman isn’t taking the stand for the prosecution.

    I don’t endorse this sort of behavior, but I do want the full truth before passing judgement. This guy is being tried in the papers it seems. Even the DA seems to admit they didn’t begin having sex until she was 18. (This seems to indicate the woman is NOT pressing charges. Think about it, even if it were not true all she would have to do is accuse it and he would do time in prison.)

    Its going to be an interesting case to prosecute if the woman consented to the acts. The DA may have to prove she lacked the right to consent by virtue of being “diminished mentally” and that the accused somehow knew this as well.


  2. I agree with curious. I currently live with my Master, but he is also my lover and friend. I wear a tattoo he designed and have a bracelet I wear when I go to work that is inscribed on the inside with the words owned since wearing a collar might cause people to be uncomfortable. I want to know as well the whole story. Having been in this lifestyle since I was 18 and met many different people, slaves, submissives, Tops, bottoms, Doms, Dommes, Mistresses, and Masters I think it is too often those who are what I call vanilla to eager to paint those of us with darker tastes as evil with out even trying to understand. If she was over the age of 18 before sex took place then I tend to think this is more of a state action than anything she decided to do. It makes me nervous of what might happen if at some point in the future and someone decides to “save” me and I don’t need saving.
    But without all the details we can not really know what was going on.


  3. The case is shaping up to be one that revolves around mental competency of the woman in question. Federal prosecutors seem confident they can make the case she was never truly giving consent, possibly by virtue of being exposed to adult situations, activity and such when she was still underage.

    What’s unclear at present is the woman’s current whereabouts, disposition and actual level of mental ability. That and her sympathies about the case itself.

    My best guess is that the whole tale is rather sad and sordid and she has had her childhood stolen by a creep who abused her trust as a minor. It’s too bad that is not the crime he is charged with, because in order to gain a conviction the case will be fought instead alleging that HER consent was not real regarding activities that took place in some context between ‘consenting adults.’ It’s likely true that this is the case on some level, but the public may gain the impression that no one has the right to consent to a spanking in the bedroom, which is tantamount to legislating morality and putting laws on people’s bodies where they don’t belong.

    Statements made to the press allege that she had her own handgun, email account and cell phone and for better or worse did seen to be able to hold a “job,” stripping and modeling. Witnesses who have viewed her sadomasochistic videos say she seems to be enjoying herself. All this makes the case for the prosecution more challenging, presumably.

    I wouldn’t want to be the legal team for the defense, or propose that this is some ideal test case for laws regarding sexual freedom but it could get interesting.

    In the past, people on the receiving end of s&ampm acts have been charged with crimes along with others. It’s POSSIBLE the woman is being coerced by federal prosecutors into making the case against the defendants under threat of prosecution. We just don’t know yet.

    I hope we see some in depth and well sourced impartial journalism soon, and a fair trial that presents the whole truth, and I also hope that the guilty will be punished justly if that is the verdict. Keep in mind what we have heard so far is damning but inconclusive and only the view of one side.


  4. Dear god, Trench, you know I respect you but sometimes your site brings out the maniacs.

    “Bagley originally met the girl, only identified as VF, when she was a 16-YEAR-OLD RUNAWAY.”

    End of conversation.


      1. Too true.

        On an unrelated note, are html or bbcode flags useable in the comments thread? I was going to italicize the quote, but wasn’t sure, and didn’t see a preview button.


      2. But to follow up to the two people who are trying to defend the guy – normal, well adjusted, emotionally stable 40 somethings do not troll the streets looking for teenage runaways to drag off into sexual slavery.

        I’d say he’s a nutcase but that’s not nearly strong enough, and rather insulting to nutcases everywhere, many of whom are generally harmless.

        No, he’s just an evil, psychotic, sadistic pervert. And if there was any real justice in the world they’d skip the trial and he’d just be put down like a rabid dog.


  5. Mentally disabled people are at a disadvantage to be abused. These men could lie and say she was a willing participant. The men deserve life in prison. let the other inmates turn them into a sex slave.


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