Minn. man killed while trying to sell car on craigslist

Dao Xiong
Dao Xiong

Craigslist ad leads to Lake Elmo murder:

I went back in the archive of craigslist killers and it seems that in 2010 there have been almost 1 or 2 a month in the past 6 months.

Your latest one is allegedly 19-year-old Dao Xiong of Oakdale, Minnesota. Police say that Youa Lor was selling his 2003 Nissan 350Z on craigslist. Xiong is said to have responded to the ad and the two met in Lake Elmo, Minnesota for a test drive. It was there that police say Xiong shot Lor and stole the car in order to sell it for parts. Police caught up with Xiong after going through Lor’s phone records.

So Mr. Lor wasn’t shot for his car but the car’s parts. As far as Xiong was concerned Lor’s life wasn’t even worth the entire 7-year-old car, just the parts. This, my friends, is your craigslist customer. By doing business on craigslist you have a 50/50 chance of never making it back alive.

6 thoughts on “Minn. man killed while trying to sell car on craigslist”

    1. lol trench is just a pathetic lamer with nothing to do but make lame ass sites about crime…CRIME?!?! OMFG…wake the fuck up trench and welcome to the real fucking world…maybe if dumbfucks wouldnt give out their personal information this wouldnt happen as often…lol you know sorta like what happened with u on CL, shouldnt have given that info up so easily


      1. jiggy is just a pathetic internet stalker, and petty criminal. Only a depraved criminal mind would laugh at the notion of “crime.” Jiggy seems to think that everyone thinks like it does — that there is no such thing as crime in the real world — only stupid victims.

        Criminals tend to hang with criminals, and they extrapolate from their small little experience with the world that a lot of people must be criminals. NOw that’s stupid!

        Rock on, Trench.


      2. Heh, you are certainly dimwitted jiggy.

        Trench is wide awake and well aware of the real world – and the various depravity done to others. The ones who victimize others have a very similar attitude like yours and naturally they think little of what they did to someone else.

        If anyone needs a helluva wake up call, it’s you, cupcake.


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