Adult services gone for good?


Craigslist says no plans to resume sex ads in the United States:

A craigslist representative by the name of William “Clint” Powell testified before a congressional committee yesterday that craigslist has no plans to resume the adult services section of its site in the U.S. Powell is the director of customer service and law enforcement relations at craigslist so he must have had a pretty cushy job considering there really is no customer service and it relations with law enforcement is tenuous at best. Anyway, Powell had this to say…

“There are no plans to reinstate the category,” he said. “Those who formerly placed ads in the adult services category will now have to advertise elsewhere.”

He didn’t give a reason behind the move except for…

People who post such ads “have decided that there is no value in using Craigslist anymore, so they are using other sites,” Powell said.

This could have been a huge PR coup by craigslist. They could have actually admitted that they were wrong by not pulling the adult services section sooner or something along those lines but no, they pretty much gave a non-answer.

So does this mean I’m closing up shop? Hell no. There is still a lot of crime going on craigslist, especially the casual encounters section and hopefully, the politicians will now turn their attention to the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage and their trafficking and prostitution ads.

This is only the beginning.

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