Jonesboro gunman’s sentence upheld

Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson

Court: Judge was right to consider juvenile record of Jonesboro school shooter:

Speaking of upheld convictions, because we were you know, Jonesboro gunman Mitchell Johnson had his 12-year sentence for fraud upheld.

Johnson, along with fellow gunman Andrew Golden, was one of the gunmen in the infamous school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Westside Middle School on March 24, 1998, which killed 5. Johnson and Golden were jailed as juveniles due to a then loophole in state law.

However a few years ago Johnson was caught using a stolen ATM card which led to his last arrest which got him a 12-year sentence.

Johnson argued that his juvenile record should not have been considered in his convection. What Johnson fails to grasp is that his ‘juvenile record’ is not only well-known but he took place in the slaughter of five people who had nothing to do with whatever transgressions he may have perceived against him.

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