Let us not forget Backpage: St. Louis woman says daughter being trafficked on Backpage


Woman Says Daughter Was Sold For Sex Online:

While craigslist has reluctantly shut down adult services in the U.S. that does not mean that our fight is over. The Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com still has a plethora of prostitution and trafficking ads on their site. For example, let’s take a look at their adult section and how many services they offer.


While they do charge $3 for each of the ads, they are still unmonitored and they also rely on community policing which we know never works. To make it even worse the ads can also appear in Charlotte’s local alternative newspaper, Creative Loafing. Your local weekly alternative may vary.

Anyway on to the article. A mother from the St. Louis area says that she found her 14-year-old daughter being trafficked on Backpage by an older woman. when taken home the girl was said to have all her hair cut off and cigarette burns on the back of her head. The mother also says that she can’t find any resources that can help child victims of sex trafficking.

Now back to Backpage. Where does their money from the ads go and how much are they making?

Just like craigslist back in the day nobody from Backpage could be reached for comment. Journalists may want to try reaching Village Voice Media in Phoenix instead.

Let’s get the focus on human trafficking where it needs to be for now, on Backpage. Tell the politicians and journalists that they should be looking at Backpage and not just craigslist.

You are my new favorite target Backpage.

2 thoughts on “Let us not forget Backpage: St. Louis woman says daughter being trafficked on Backpage”

  1. So, Craigslist took the child away from the mother ? Might be nice if mom would watch her child herself or know where her child is. Does the child have a father ?
    Interesting way of saying “the child was trafficked” on backpage”. 
    The same way you could say the child was trafficked by the St Louis Dispatch or T mobile or ATT since the pimp used a phone.

    Backpage and Craigslist have drastically reduced the advertising revenue of the controlled newspapers through free advertising. Newspapers that manipulate the democratic process are facing financial difficulties.

    That is why Craigslist and backpage need to be stopped.

    Oh, by the way are the mother or the old woman black ?


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