The Dawson College Massacre game


‘Despicable’ game based on Dawson College shooting:

As with Columbine and Virginia Tech, some tasteless soul took it upon themselves to make a game based on the Dawson College shootings that took place 4 years ago in Montreal. The game was called Dawson College Massacre and was hosted on the bastion of good taste Newgrounds, which in my opinion is 4chan for flash gamers.

The game was developed by a Newgrounds user who calls himself Virtualman. The goal of the game is to storm Dawson College as Kimveer Gill and kill as many people as possible. I don’t doubt that this Virtualman is a mutant based on his statements to the Canadian press…

“I am not quite sure why I made it, I have been studying these school shooters a long time now and I just see how people want to just push the whole subject under the rug,” he writes.

“I don’t want to say I am 100% sympathetic with killers like this because obviously what they’ve done is pretty sick. But you can most DEFINITELY see the path they took which lead them to commit such a crime.”

The reason people want to push the subject under the rug is in order to keep it from happening again in the future. And if you can tell me what drove Kimveer Gill to storm Dawson college and kill Anastasia De Sousa and injuring others please tell me because as far as I can tell Gill was just a basement-dwelling loser who had no trauma in his life that caused him to snap.

Virtualman did at least have the decency to pull the game off of Newgrounds after he found out that Anastasia De Sousa’s family was offended by the game. However, this is the internet and once posted nothing ever goes away.

I’m all for free speech even in this ‘nothing is sacred’ era and even though I believe that Virtualman had every right to post his game and no law in Canada or the U.S. could make him take it down it just amazes me that how much human decency some people lack. Games like this and SCMRPG remind me of games I heard about back in the 80s that were traded on the underground. In one such game, you played a Nazi soldier who would round up Jews to send them to the oven then use their gold fillings as in-game currency. I hate to Godwin this post but yeah, games like this that glorify school shootings are really just as bad.

2 thoughts on “The Dawson College Massacre game”

  1. 4chan would be like Newgrounds if the majority of 4chan was well-meaning, a decent number of its users were brilliant, and the cream floated to the top instead of the shit.


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