Child trafficking victim to sue Backpage


Girl prostituted at 14 sues online ad site:

The other day I posted about a 14-year-old girl who was trafficked on the Village Voice Media-owned Now that same girl, who is now 15, is suing Backpage for allowing her to be trafficked.

The girl was trafficked by 27-year-old Latasha Jewell McFarland who has already pleaded guilty and is looking at prison time.

The girl’s attorney, Robert Pedroli, is aware that the Federal Communications Decency Act absolves most websites of content posted by its users however he says that the Child Abuse Victims Rights Act supersedes that.

“We allege they are the facilitators,” Pedroli said. “They provide an online safe house for these pimps and these johns to meet. They are aiders and abetters under federal law.”

No word on how much they’re suing for but I wish them well and I hope this will bring more attention to Backpage who isn’t even pretending to be doing anything about this.

8 thoughts on “Child trafficking victim to sue Backpage”

  1. Wish them well. You’re an idiot. Backpage has no knowledge or age, or any obligation to find out. To require such would destroy the free nature of the Internet. This is clearly a frivilous lawsuit. The same type of suit that clogs up our legal system. It is a shame that courts allow lawyer to exploit child prostitutes for the sake of trying to make a quick buck. I hope this case is thrown out at a summary stage.


    1. How would lawyers “exploiting” child prostitutes be any worse than what their pimps are doing? If anything, the lawyers are more likely to help make it more difficult for the pimps to find johns for their victims.

      Freedom on the internet doesn’t mean the freedom to commit illegal acts or assist others in committing them. No one has a “right” to advertise child prostitution – or anything else illegal, for that matter.

      While companies may not be required to find out anything about their advertisers, deliberate ignorance may not keep them from suffering damage to their business in the long run, nor should it.


  2. Dang Trench, you really need to mellow out on Backpage! They are only trying to make a dishonest buck. So what if some poor child gets messed up for life, as long as they get their greedy green who cares!! All I can say is Geebo is definately the way to go. Keep up the great work


  3. Damn. If there are two subjects that are guaranteed to bring out the crazies, it’s marijuana and prostitution.

    You’d think when it was forced child prostitution, they’d have enough good sense to keep their mouths shut.

    @Roodfish Your freedoms end where another’s begin. Period. That’s why, just for example, you aren’t allowed to have a website that allows men to force 14 year olds to be prostitutes. Just as an example.

    @ScamBuster Look up the term “logical fallacy”. Then look up “ad hominem”. Then, look up the definition of “competition”. Then, remind yourself that Trench doesn’t actually own Geebo, so declaring a similar site to be ‘competition’ is simply asinine.


  4. I have a daughter who ran away and has been made by PIMPS in different locations to do escort servicing and now I have my daughter back and she thinks this is the only life for her..Who do I call for help in this matter.I cannot allow my daughter to continue living this way..How do I get help for her?? Someone please resond


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