Demeatrius Montgomery found guilty

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark
CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

Emotional courtroom as Montgomery found guilty:

Lat last week here in Charlotte Demeatrius Montgomery was found guilty in the shooting deaths of CMPD officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. He was ruled ineligible for the death penalty after improper handling of evidence by another CMPD officer.

Montgomery’s grandmother said that he was a ‘sweet boy’ and did not receive a fair trial.

I’m curious to see how he supposedly did not receive a fair trial and I’m guessing that we won’t have long to wait since an appeal is already underway. But again, unfortunately, Officers Clark and Shelton can not appeal their unwarranted death sentences.

3 thoughts on “Demeatrius Montgomery found guilty”

  1. The fucker refused to speak all during the trial, not even to his attorneys. He’s crazy like a fox, as my old gray-haired mother would have said. By refusing to speak he can try to say he didn’t get a proper defense or a fail trial. Personally, I don’t understand why the judge put the city of Charlotte and its taxpayers through the expense of a trial anyway. If I had been the judge I would have said “Don’t wanna talk? Well, then, you probably have no objection to my passing judgment and setting a sentence right away. Since you won’t talk no point in wasting time debating whether or not you’re guilty. Guess you never heard the saying ‘Silence implies assent.’ ”


  2. I knew Sean and his mom from the time they worked at Pump &amp Lighting. Great people 😦 I mourn for his and Mr. Shelton’s fine families.


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