Dave Cullen: Columbine Mythbuster

David Cullen

The other day I posted about how the myth that the Columbine cowards were bullied is still being perpetuated. Today I came across another article that mentioned Columbine and bullying in the same breath, written by a Ph.D. no less.

To my shock and wonder, I found out that this was not an article perpetuating the myth but actually dispelling the myth. And not only was the myth dispelled but it mentioned the man whose opinion I respect most when it comes to all things Columbine and that would be Dave Cullen. Not only did Dave Cullen write the definitive news article on Columbine called “The Depressive and the Psychopath” but he also wrote what I think is the definitive book which is simply entitled Columbine.

This is what the article’s author had to say about “Columbine”…

In the days immediately after the tragic event, there was so much misinformation fed to the public by the media, that a lot of unsubstantiated information became legend and were never questioned.

In this revelatory book, Cullen debunks several myths about Harris and Klebold, such as they were part of a group called the “Trenchcoat Mafia” or they were total social outcasts and had specifically targeted “the jocks” who had bullied them.

Instead, Cullen gives us a psychological profile of two teenage killers who were considered good students, who went to their own prom just three days before the murders, and had many friends. In what seems to me to be the greatest irony of all, Cullen shows us, often in the killers’ own words, that rather than being the “victims” who lived a fringe, isolated existence in their suburban high school, they were in fact the real bullies. They were two teenagers filled with raging hatred and contempt for almost everyone, adults and peers alike, and were bombs just waiting to explode.

Emphasis mine.

It actually warms my cold dead heart to see that there are still people out there with the rational intelligence to be responsible enough not to believe every myth, untruth and conspiracy theory about Columbine.

30 thoughts on “Dave Cullen: Columbine Mythbuster”

    1. Y’know, Trench, that’s why I like your thinking – for saying they were bullied is one thing showing how they were bullied and by whom has more substance. Proof is in the pudding and all that jazz.

      Personally, I can name the bullies I was a target of in elementary and middle school to this day – and my mother knew them too. So if they were actually bullied, where’s the names? Wouldn’t they be written in a diary/journal, school records, or something?

      Heh, who said sensational journalism was dead?


  1. yeah, Eric Harris couldn’t find a date for the prom, but hung out that night with some 20-something chick. from what i read in Dave’s book, sounds like they were more the bullies than the bullied.


  2. “To my shock and chagrin I found out that this was not an article perpetuating the myth but actually dispelling the myth.”

    Chagrin- noun: a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation. From Dictionary.com


  3. One of my friends told me that he wanted to bring a gun to school and kill his tormentors. I’m not sure why he didn’t do it. Now that he’s been out of school, he’s a normal guy, except he’s really sensitive to criticism.


  4. Problem is the book isn’t that great. It’s very opinionated instead of factual instead of getting information from people like Brooks Brown about Eric and Dylan he just got his research from the Sherrif’s department.


  5. You don’t expect Trench and his band of sycophants to ever see or understand what a liar Cullen is do you? You are asking too much.
    He tells them what they want to believe so he’s the undisputed authority in their eyes.
    Don’t waste your time lance. The close minded, mean spirited little crowd is an echo chamber.Nothing more.


    1. If Cullen’s such a liar, why hasn’t he been sued for libel/slander/defamation by the Harris and/or Klebold families? Even if they were bullying victims, it wasn’t justification for a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination…what about innocents like Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott, who had nothing to do w/any problems our psychotic loners might have had, yet still wound up dead?


    1. I don’t know about that. But I can tell that he’s a moron. Whoever voted you down neither respects nor understands you. Damn him or her.


  6. Oh well then that changes everything…if someone shot paperclips at them, they were perfectly justified to start shooting up everyone in the place.


  7. Don’t bother reading his book. After reading all the interviews from
    the people that did knew the two and said they were severally bullies. People
    that wont show their faces say they were bullied too. If 14 children were just
    killed in your school one teacher and it was because they snapped because they
    were bullied. Would you come out and say “yes I kinda picked on him a lot”? They
    were clearly bullied. I am in school and there is no real way to find out if
    someone is psychopath without being tested. The diaries and blogs were left for
    the media to find. I think most of what he put in the diary was to show the
    world he was tuff. Boys dont come home crying saying they were picked on very
    offen. It was a FBI profile when the said he was a phycopathy(Eric) . They
    really dont know anything about the two (Dylan and Eric) other then what the two
    wanted them to know. All I can say I found most of what Dave Cullens wrote was
    so different to the interviews with people who knew what went on with that
    school. I would love to see what Cullens would to say about the movie Bully.
    They had camera’s on for this one.


      1. Like they just said, no one is going to come out and admit they are the ones who bullied them. Research “the ketchup incident” when ketchup covered tampons were hurled at them in the cafeteria. And read Daniel rourbough’s father’s opinion on Dave Cullen and about why Oprah decided to cancel having him on her show. Anyways, they were bullied, and a lot of what Cullen wrote was bullshit. All the families of the victims think so, and I’d say they are a pretty great source. I don’t think the Harris’ or Klebold’s are interested


        1. As I was saying I doubt the Harris or klebold families are interested in suing everyone who gets facts about their sons wrong for slander… With all the literature about them out there that would be tiresome and tedious not to mention probably torturous to bring back those memories when it’s not necessary


        2. That’s strange because I can produce the names of the kids that Harris and Klebold bullied long before Columbine. There’s documented evidence of it. So how come there’s no documented evidence of the names of their supposed bullies? 

          And all the victims’ families think so? Really? Do you know them all or do you just stalk them?


  8. Theres some likelihood that we may never know wether they were actually bullied.

    Its pretty much verified by some sources, dismissed by other sources and theres no mention of it in their journals. At the same time, some accounts have prooven to be false or misattributed.

    So, I would argue that its pretty much a guessing game.

    Even Dylans mom, believed her son to have been bullied, but I think it suggests that She doesnt know, either. She said that they had no clue how Dylans life was like at school. She does allow, However, that Columbine was a frightning place, even for popular Kids, and Dylan and hes friends were not.


  9. Anyway, my point is that I believe we Will never get the complete answer. What is true is that Dylan was depressed as hell and that Eric was a psychopath and that this impacted their relationship with each other more or less


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