Guy from Big Flats caught with little girls

Big Flats, NY
Big Flats, NY

More charges filed against Big Flats man in MySpace sex case:

21-year-old Vincent Izzo of Big Flats, NY is in some pretty deep trouble. First, he was arrested back in September for allegedly luring a 14-year-old girl to his home in order to have sex with the girl. Again, around here we call that attempted child rape but I digress.

While investigating that crime police discovered hat Izzo allegedly lured two girls ages 13 and 14 to his house in June and had sex with the 13-year-old girl. Of course, he had to go for the youngest of the two. He’s said to have met that girl on MySpace.

Normally we’d get the people saying that the girl lied about her age but are you going to tell me that two different girls lied about their ages. I don’t buy it.

This shows two things. The first is that child molesters don’t have to be creepy middle-aged men and the second is that obviously parents still aren’t doing enough to keep their children out of the hands of predators.

15 thoughts on “Guy from Big Flats caught with little girls”

  1. You have a right to your opinion. But when you put someone’s name with a label that has not been sentenced this is defemation of character, which is illegal and can be prosecuted accordingly.


    1. Please tell me what label I placed on him. 

      Also defamation of character is a civil issue not a criminal one.

      You’re not the first person to try and scare me with veiled legal threats. Guess what. I’m not scared.


      1. Actually Trench, you may want to update this story because Izzo is even a bigger idiot than you originally thought.  According to this link he pled guilty to all counts.  There goes the defamation suit!  (I’m sure you’ve been unable to sleep worrying about that.)  He was given interim probation and sentencing was delayed.  But the moron was ALLEGEDLY unable to refrain from sending sexually explicit texts to teenagers, so he was sent back to jail two weeks ago.  He’s now facing up to seven years for the original crimes.
        I just hope the guest that came to his defense earlier today isn’t a thirteen year-old girl… 


          1. Trench,

            My opinion, it doesn’t seem right for those with mental health and developmental disabilities, when the media publish their identities when facing the CRJ system and not even sentenced.  The courts need special places to put the handicap not jail!  I also think, those under 18 should not have cell phones and not be allowed on online social networks unless 18 and up.  Will it fly, likely not.


        1. In response to Kathy K, you are entitled to your views but in defense of Vincent, he clearly has medical deficits and sadly, that is why he is where he is today.  He is even being refused his medication!! Besides, the media fail to explain all the truths and facts .  He truly demonstrates certain inabilities due to those deficits.   This is a young adult man who did not attack anybody, he is more kid like, a follower and not a leader and many who know him, see how gullible can be too.  His mind is like a teenager when lower functioned.  Many people with certain deficits like Vincent can think like a much younger person no fault of their own.  Yes, he needs the corrective and proper guidance to make sure he does not keep facing these challenges that is why people with Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities do not belong in jaill They need alternatives to help them to avoid future problems in the CJS and there are very good options out there where jail is dangerous and not good for people who are delayed in certain ways like Vincent. Those with these challenges, would learn a lot more if they got help in an alternative setting.  BTW, I am not 13, try 44! 


          1. If he is so gullible and mentally deficient, why did he use an alias on his Facebook page this time around?  I’m pretty sure it’s because he KNEW he was on probation for sexual contact with minors, he KNEW it was wrong, and he KNEW he could be violated.  That Facebook page is still up and shows several junior/senior high school girls as friends.

            After getting off so easy (pun intended), he chose to violate his probation and treatment program.  I don’t feel sorry at all for him about how dangerous jail is.  I hope he is trembling in fear at the thought of being sent to a real prison and being raped everyday in the yard.

            Apparently you believe pedophiles can be cured.  I believe they should be shot!  IMO there is only alternative setting for a pedophile that would work:  a grave.


      2. I’m not trying to scare but there are things being said about Vincent Izzo that are not being explained all correctly/truthfully. 


        1. By “Tina M.” I assume you mean Tina Izzo – the child molester’s mother who recently started a petition at to get him into a group/residential home and to protect him from media publicity.  I would post the link, but I wouldn’t want to help you get even one signature.  Does the publicity bother you because you are ashamed of him, or because it might make it difficult for him to find more victims?

          You talk about things not being explained correctly/truthfully, yet fail to mention that you raised this POS.  Again, it seems you are ashamed.  Publicity and the sex offender registry help to protect innocent children from people like your son.

          I hope he rots!


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