Joe Nee’s conviction appeal denied

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest
Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee was arrested back in 2004 for plotting an attack against Marshfield High school in Massachusetts. He originally implicated Tobin Kerns in the plot but the local popular belief at the time was that Nee was the actual mastermind and that Tobin was one the one who backed out of the plot.

It also didn’t help that Nee’s father was and is not only a Boston policeman but also head of the Boston police union. Nee got less time than Tobin. Imagine that.

More recently Nee appealed his conviction to the Massachusetts Supreme Court arguing renunciation, meaning since he went to the cops with the plot that he should have not been convicted. However today the court denied the appeal stating that Nee never took responsibility for his part in the plot.

Again, the popular local belief was that Nee was appealing his conviction so he could become a Boston cop just like dear old dad. Luckily at least one roadblock has been put in front of that goal. Besides, would the city of Boston really want a cop who wore a t-shirt of the Columbine killers that said: “Remember the Heroes”?

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