West Memphis 3 granted new hearing


As I’m sure most of the black nail polished masses have heard by now that Damien Echols and the other two guys from the West Memphis 3 have been granted a new hearing to see if the so-called DNA evidence can grant them a new trial. Yes, I realize the other two guys are Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin but let’s face it, it’s always been about Echols and nobody else.

This does not guarantee them a new trial but it does open the door for a new trial to take place. The WM3 supporters will tell you that the DNA evidence implicates Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of victim Steve Branch. The evidence that has been made public was a hair that belonged to Hobbs that was in a shoestring that was used to bind the victims. The shoestring belonged to one of the other victims who was a friend of Stevie Branch who spent a lot of time at their house. Which to me means it could have become attached to the shoestring at any time. And this comes years after the documentaries tried to make it look like that John Mark Byers, the father of one of the other victims, was the actual killer. Coincidentally after the DNA evidence was said to be that of Terry Hobbs,. Byers inexplicably changed his pint of view and said that he now believed that the WM3 are innocent. Personally, I think people watch too much CSI and automatically think that as soon as DNA evidence is found that the person that it belongs to must be the killer.

There has also been a witness or two who came forward more than 10 years after the murder happened to say that they can provide Damien Echols an alibi. Kind of convenient that happened not too long after the DNA evidence was made public.

Speaking of Terry Hobbs it seems that he is being harassed by WM3 supporters.  You know, the people who say that their heroes were railroaded into the convictions because they were ‘different’. It seems that they’re not the peace-loving activists they try to make themselves out to be.

Now I don’t think that Echols and his lackeys are guilty because they’re ‘satan worshipers’ or whatever else their supporters claim that they were convicted wrongly. I think they’re guilty because Damien Echols had a proclivity towards violence and was charismatic enough to get others to do his bidding. I mean look at today. He’s got a lot of you fooled into believing that he’s innocent.

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