No se aceptan anuncios Españoles en craigslist


Craigslist hate mail after Spanish listings:

Not really a crime but close enough so I’m going to count it.

Anyway in Midwest City, Oklahoma a garage owner posted a job for a mechanic on craigslist. He posted it in both English and Spanish. That’s not some political agenda, that’s just good business sense. This is where craigslist’s ‘community policing’ comes into play. The ads in Spanish were flagged and removed from the site. When the garage owner tried reposting the Spanish ads he then got hate mail.

“Go home, bean. Go back to Mexico. We speak English here in America so we don’t want you here,”

Not only does this show the uselessness of website community policing it also shows the kind of troglodytes that frequent craigslist so much they lose sleep over ads in Spanish.

Sorry if my Spanish sucks. I got it off of Google Translate.

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