Police believe remains are Zahra Baker’s

Zahra Baker
Zahra Baker

Hickory Police: DNA match in Zahra Baker investigation:

We all knew this day would come and I’m sure we were all hoping it wouldn’t but in a press conference yesterday the Hickory, NC police announced that they believe they have enough evidence in claiming that the remains found belong to missing 10-year-old Zahra Baker.

They say that DNA samples taken from the Baker home match those with the bone that they found. However, the DNA analysis on the remains they most recently found has not yet been completed.

So far there has been no word on what charges, if any, would be filed against Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, or her wicked-stepmonster Elisa Baker. With Adam Baker currently walking free, it makes me wonder if he’s now going to try to make a break for the borders.

2 thoughts on “Police believe remains are Zahra Baker’s”

  1. And the birth vessel has finally showed up in NC, more than a month after the child was reported missing. She’s sobbing on TV and in the papers how hurtful this is that Zahra is dead. Hell, I probably know more about her child from following this case than she does from personal experience. Maybe I’m just an uncharitable bitch, but I can’t help thinking “Too little, too late, ass hole” when I read her comments now. Maybe if she’d been a part of Zahra’s life from the beginning, she might have been able to save this precious girl.


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