Dr. Joshua Payer pleads guilty to backpage child prostitution


Sioux Falls doctor pleads guilty to charges in alleged prostitution ring:

I originally posted about the good doctor Joshua Payer here. He was arrested for using the service of an alleged child prostitution ring that was run off of the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com. The ring was allegedly run in the tiny town of Tea, South Dakota by Brandon Thompson and Megan Hayes.

Anyway, Dr. Payer has pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking charges. He’s looking at a possible life sentence and will not know his fate until February 25th of 2011 but get this. He is free on ‘supervised release’ until his sentencing. So you’re going to tell me that a man with obvious disposable income is not a flight risk? Whatever. If that comes back to bite the court in the ass I’ll be here to say I told you so. However considering that one of the alleged pimps, Megan Hayes, was released to her daddy’s custody I’m not really surprised.

The courts need to stop treating child traffickers like this is some kind of scofflaw case if they want to send a message to other traffickers.

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