Was Zahra Baker raped before death?

Zahra Baker
Zahra Baker

Sex assault claim investigated in N.C. missing-girl case:

Search warrants in Zahra Baker case reveal new details:

Documents reveal new possible suspects in Zahra Baker death:

Search warrants that were recently made public show that the Burke County Sheriff’s Office investigated a claim that Zahra Baker may have been raped by a pair of cousins before she died. A tipster claimed that Elisa Baker dropped Zahra off at the cousins’ house and when she returned Zahra had blood on her legs and genital region. However, one of the men was questioned by police for 10 hours and even passed a lie detector test.

For right now I wouldn’t put too much stock in these allegations until more information is revealed. I’ve said before that I believe Elisa Baker (Sheen-Cow, wicked stepmother, gothapotamus) is a grifter. I believe she may have made a career out of swindling people out of money. To be a grifter you have to be a master liar. Considering some of this information is coming from said cow it may not be entirely true. This may be just another ploy to try to deflect guilt away from her gothy cow self.

However, I could also be talking out of my ass. If this scenario did in fact happen it wouldn’t be the first time a Breeder on these pages sold their child or stepchild out to some child molesters. All I can really say is that I’m skeptical right now of the rape allegations.

The search warrants also reveal that Zahra’s dismembered body may have been thrown out in a grocery store dumpster like so much trash and stale bread. I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever dumped Zahra’s body then went into the grocery store and bought a 40 and a pack of Newports.

This story is far from over and it might be years before we see any kind of conclusion but I bet that when it is all said and done Elisa Baker will be the one behind it all.

2 thoughts on “Was Zahra Baker raped before death?”

  1. Zahra suffered enough – and this alleged rape spiel from her grifter mom is bad. Who’s to tell that the abuse didn’t happen ‘fore she was dropped off and then had bleeding due to the complications of it?

    Zahra Baker, rest in peace – or if you can’t, go haunt that shitty emo heifer.


  2. I certainly hope this isn’t true. It’s bad enough this poor little girl is most likely dead and dismembered at the hands of that ambulatory garbage heap and her own worthless father. I would hate to think she was raped as well.

    Stepmonster just won’t keep her filthy mouth shut. I really hope the guards get “careless” soon and someone drowns her in the toilet.


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