Did Elisa Baker cut a deal with prosecutors?

She should make a deal with a plastic surgeon
She should make a deal with a plastic surgeon

I used to be a blogger that had to get every story out right away. I used to be obsessed with it. Due to extenuating factors, I can’t be that blogger anymore and I’m thankful for it. Sometimes when a story breaks and you want to vent your outrage so bad but then the story turns out to be wrong. This is one of those stories.

Locally there were a lot of rumors going around the other day that Zahra Baker’s step-monster, the ever disgusting Elisa Baker, cut a deal with prosecutors that would have kept the death penalty, first-degree murder charges and a possible life sentence off the table.

In small towns like Hickory, rumors can become facts very quickly even if they are false. Thankfully this particular rumor is in fact false. The DA has come out to announce that no deal has been cut that would keep the DP, LWOP or first-degree murder charges off the table.

“We’re under no obligation not to pursue capital murder charges or first-degree murder charges against any individual if there is sufficient and credible evidence to prove that Zahra Baker was murdered by that individual,” District Attorney James Gaither Jr. told the Observer on Saturday.

In non-legalese, that means if the Sheen-Cow is guilty they have the option of putting her down.

If she is guilty of killing Zahra, which I believe she is, they should put her down with one of those bolt guns they use to kill actual cows. Then have her remains dismembered and scattered to the four winds.

7 thoughts on “Did Elisa Baker cut a deal with prosecutors?”

  1. The death penalty is too good for her. Make her live with the knowledge of what she’s done in prison in the general population. They won’t let her forget.

    Although if she does get death, kill her the same way Zahra was killed. Wood chipper and all.


  2. Don’t forget that all the dismembered parts must be burned before beings scattered. Otherwise, the Sheen-Cow could rise from the dead like the vampire she is!


  3. According to The Walking Dead, you need to destroy the brain, too. So, you have to separate the head from the body and then shoot her any way. I’m so sad for that small child who did nothing to deserve her fate. And, I’m sickened by the father and this hag. Both were involved and both deserve prosecution without any deal making.


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