Iowa man busted for soliciting teen girl on craigslist


Feds: Man Charged In Craigslist Sex Game:

52-year-old James Leonard Wood was arrested by federal agents for allegedly soliciting sex from a 14-year-old over craigslist. However like in a lot of these stories the 14-year-old girl was a US Postal Inspector.

No word on who placed the ad on craigslist but investigators say Wood was arrested while trying to meet the ‘girl’ at the Johnston post office. Investigators say that Wood had sent the girl several explicit messages and had condoms on him when he was arrested. Wood also allegedly claimed that he was planning on having sex with the girl.

Luckily the girl was a federal agent instead of an actual girl who could have been a victim of a potential child rapist. Just think of how many of these situations go on at craigslist since the site is still unmoderated and its users could care less about flagging potentially dangerous ads in the personals and casual encounters section.

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