Elisa Baker indicted on bigamy charges

She's an Italian fog. Big-a-mist. Get it?
She’s an Italian fog. Big-a-mist. Get it?

Blanket found possibly related to Zahra case; Elisa Baker indicted:

Elisa Baker has been indicted on bigamy charges. It turns out that her divorce from her previous husband (victim?) wasn’t final until a year after she had been married to Adam Baker. As the article points out this could render her marriage to Baker null and void which means that spousal confidentiality may also be null and void. Spouses are not required to testify against each other but if the marriage is void then all bets are off. Not that I think there was much point to that since it seems like that the Sheen-Cow is more than happy to point the finger at Adam Baker.

Also, a briefcase was found in the same area where Zahra Baker’s prosthetic leg was found that contained a blanket stained with a dark liquid. It’s not known yet if the blanket did belong to Zahra.

I know I’ve been beating this dead horse but bigamy is another sign of grifting, multiple marriages mean multiple victims to scam which means more money to steal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was using Zahra for some kind of scam and then things got out of hand. What remains to be seen is how much Adam Baker knew.

8 thoughts on “Elisa Baker indicted on bigamy charges”

  1. I second that motion. I have a really, really hard time believing that little girl died of “natural” causes. Elisa is going to point the finger at Adam even if he had nothing to do with it. Everything we’ve read about her shows that she’s a lying, conniving, sneaky, worthless, waste of carbon materials.


  2. She really is hideous that mug shot is making my skin crawl. It looks so awful it almost seems like it must be photoshopped – in this case, like someone took a picture of a skeksis from the Dark Crystal and added some hair.


  3. When I read that in the paper I thought: “Fuck ME! This cow got not just one but TWO losers to marry her? What has she got … a golden twat?”


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