Joe Nee’s brother held without bail

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest
Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Many years ago I wrote about the plot to attack Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Mass. At that time one of the accused was a guy by the name of Joe Nee. He was originally thought to have been the whistle-blower of the plot and Tobin Kerns was arrested who in my opinion to this day is innocent. The reason I thought, and still think, that Nee was originally overlooked was because that Nee’s father, Thomas Nee, was and is the head of the Boston police union. Because you know, the kids of cops never get special treatment when they get in trouble with the law </sarcasm>

I most recently posted about Joe Nee suing to get his sentence overturned. Local rumor had it that he wanted his conviction taken off his record so he could become a Boston cop like his old man. Again I have to remark about  Boston unions and nepotism but that’s another rant for another time. Nee’s conviction was upheld barring him from becoming a Boston cop if that was, in fact, his intention.

Now there’s another member of the Nee family who may have lost his shot at that position as well. Nee’s younger brother, 17-year-old Edward Nee, was arrested recently and is being held without bail for showing up at a party uninvited then allegedly punching a man in the face and then kicking him while he was on the ground. He also allegedly held a girl by the throat who was trying to break up the fight and punched her in the face as well.

Edward Nee is being held without bail because he was already out on bail for charges of him allegedly breaking into some cars.

It definitely makes me wonder what kind of parenting, if any, actually went on in the Nee household. And can’t you just hear both punk kids saying “Do you know who my dad is?”

The scary part is since Nee the youngest is 17 there’s a possibility his record could be sealed and he could still go on to follow in dad’s footsteps. Sleep well Boston.

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