Sheen-cow’s ex thinks Zahra Baker was abused

Incapable of love
Incapable of love

Man says he feared Zahra was abused:

Aaron Young is the man who was married to Elisa Baker for 10 years prior to and possibly during, her marriage to Adam Baker. He believes that Zahra Baker was abused by the sheen-cow and notified Social Services of his suspicions. Not surprising but I wanted to share this quote from Mr. Young about the alleged abuse…

“I didn’t see physical abuse firsthand,” Young said. “I seen some bruises on her and she would basically say the same thing Elisa said. She’d fall, she tripped and fell into the sink one time. I guess people just believed it because Zahra was telling the same thing that Elisa was and Zahra loved Elisa like her own mother.

Emphasis mine.

How sad is it that this marvelous little girl gave her unsolicited love to this monster. I bet that the cow herself only saw Zahra as either an annoyance or some kind of paycheck.

6 thoughts on “Sheen-cow’s ex thinks Zahra Baker was abused”

  1. What a sad, sad, life Zahra Baker had. I am just wondering what is taking so long to have her stepmother and father arrested. Adam Baker should be hung by the balls for what he did to Zahra. To dismember her, and scatter her body pieces like an animal, sick, sick, sick. WHAT AN INSULT to Zahra Baker. Not only abusing to death, but to DISMEMBER. Her life was full of rejection by her own mother and abuse by her father and stepfather. Although she is not supposed to be in heaven but got there because of these two empty souls, I take comfort in knowing that God is watching and God will take care of them both and will take care of all of the rest who hurt Zahra.


    1. Last sentence, God will take care of Zahra and will give Justice to both the father and stepmother and to all of those who hurt Zahra


    1. The general feeling is that she looks like Martin Sheen in drag. Personally I think it’s an insult to Mr. Sheen as well as to cows. He would be ten times as good looking as a woman as that monster is.

      I really can’t believe she wasn’t killed by a mob with torches and pitchforks a long time ago. But we can still hope.


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