Elisa Baker was married seven times

8th time must be the charm
8th time must be the charm

Elisa Baker married seven times, including overlapping marriages:

Here’s another great nugget of information about Elisa Baker, the wicked stepmother of Zahra Baker. The Associated Press has uncovered that Elisa Baker has been married SEVEN times. At one point she may have been married to three different men at the same time.

I’m sorry but even in the trailer parks of North Carolina, I can’t possibly see what in the blue hell she has to offer to seven different men that would agree to marry her. Actually, I do. If she is a grifter as I theorize that means she’s not only a good liar but a convincing one.

I can only begin to imagine the whoppers she must have told these seven unfortunate men to agree to marry her.

9 thoughts on “Elisa Baker was married seven times”

  1. It amazes me the fact this freaky bitch could get one man to date her but to have seven actually go through with marrying her? Damn I’d hate to see the other 6 if hubby #7 is any inkling of what we have to look forward to, I say keep em hidden tyvm! Yikes, this bitch is creepy looking as it is herself we don’t need anymore pretty faces joining hers. About the only way she could get any prettier is if I were ti take a bags of nails and beat her in the face with them. I would happily oblige!)


  2. Argh! I can’t even legally get married once and this cra-zay bitch can do it over and over again like a broken record? with multiple guys at the same time in different places? as creepy looking as she is? how many men have self esteem problems in that area?

    one word: Sociopath!!


    1. I’ll just add this one to my list of “What Really Constitutes a Threat to the Sacrament of Marriage”. It’ll probably go several up the list from Brittany Spears getting married and divorced within a 36 hour period.

      Steve, I sincerely hope you’ll be able to get married some day soon. While I’ll admit to having no issue with specific churches choosing not to perform or sanction same-sex marriages (it’s their choice, after all, and it was my husband’s and my choice to not get married in any of them), I do have issue with the government doing so.


  3. Damn! I am an attractive girl, not crazy, not a baby murderer and I have a good job and I can’t even find a boyfriend…but she finds 7 men to marry her????

    What kind of world are we living in?? lol


  4. Maybe she blackmails the men into marrying her by threatening to have sex with them if they don’t. That would be about the worst threat she could make IMO.


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