Sheen-Cow could be out by Spring

Could be sprung by Spring
Could be sprung by Spring

First I want to say sorry to everyone that I haven’t been around lately. Most of you know why and I thank you for your well wishes, prayers, and understanding. However, I have found a way to be online while I’m on the road so I will be posting some updates in the next few days.

For example…

Elisa Baker could be out of jail by Spring:

Elisa Baker, aka Sheen-Cow, aka Gothapotamus, could be released as soon as this Spring if she has not been charged for the death of Zahra Baker by then. Her jail time for the obstruction of justice charge could be maxed out by April. If you’ll recall Baker was charged with obstruction for the phony ransom note that police found during the investigation of Zahra’s disappearance.

Even though she is facing bigamy charges it is actually rare in this day and age to serve time for it.

Here’s hoping that investigators charge ‘someone’ for Zahra’s death before then. I would lay odds that if she was out of jail that she would run and with her penchant for grifting, in my opinion, it would be a while before they found her.

7 thoughts on “Sheen-Cow could be out by Spring”

  1. What is wrong with the prosecutors? They believe she wrote the phony ransom note, right? Do they think she just did it as a favor to the “real killer”? Of course not. If she indeed wrote the note, we all know what it means, and they should CHARGE HER ASS! It really makes my blood boil because I’m afraid the police are going to blow this the way they blew a certain similar case.

    (I do have to disagree that she will be hard to find if released. Just tell people to be on the lookout for the nastiest, ass ugliest woman ever to walk the face of the Earth, and she’ll be in custody in no time.)


  2. I think I hate her almost as much as I hate the Sloop slut. Almost… but not quite. This cunt’s act was one of pure evil. Sloppy Sloop Slut’s act was one of pure lust for dick.


      1. She is the woman who married the man who beat her son to death. Stephanie Sloop and Nathan Sloop, her son’s name was Ethan Stacy!


        1. But there are so many of those, they kind of all blend…
          If the subject matter weren’t so sad and disturbing, I’d have had to laugh at your response, you know. “Don’t you remember this one of hundreds?

          But after doing the search, I had an “oh, yeah” moment. I remember that sweet little boy’s face. I hope they’re both experiencing all the hospitality that prison life has to offer.


  3. Hickory is close enough to the mountains for folks to believe in vigilante justice. not that i condone that sort of thing – hell, who am i kidding? in most cases, especially ones like this, i totally support it. but anyway, hopefully she’ll be charged with murder by then and this won’t be an issue. and then i hope they send her to Raleigh. Trench knows what i mean.


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