Georgia man arrested for craigslist rapes

Calvin Gene
Calvin Gene

Authorities Search for Victims of Possible Serial Rapist:

Authorities in Douglas County, Georgia believe that 26-year-old Calvin Gene of Dallas, Georgia is a serial rapist that uses craigslist to find his victims.

Police say that Gene is responsible for three rapes in Dekalb and Douglas Counties of women that were allegedly craigslist escorts. The rapes are said to have taken place back in September. That’s the same time that craigslist pulled adult services from their US websites.

Gene allegedly would go up to where ever the women were staying then would force his way in at gunpoint, rape the women then rob them of their money and belongings. Gene is also a trucker so police believe he may have had more victims up and down the east coast.

Let me give a warning to potential rapists out there. If you think you’re going to get away with raping a prostitute you’re dead wrong. Rape is probably the worst thing you can do to any woman no matter if her line of work is legal or not. They will go to the police and you will be caught.

If craigslist had shut down adult services sooner these rapes probably would not have happened.

5 thoughts on “Georgia man arrested for craigslist rapes”

    1. “all them females is lying”?

      Try learning to speak before you come here to defend an ‘alleged’ serial rapist. 

      Having said that I’m dying to know why all them females is lying?


    2. Clearly you’re related or know him!

      I’m the woman who shot his punk ass!! He raped & attacked me for several hours!!!
      I’m the reason he was caught & the other women spoke up!!

      Tell him I said hi because it’s clear you know him & wanted to take up for him! Let him know we know he’s out of prison. Stay dangerous 🙂


  1. being a rapist is bad enough, but having some illiterate come to the site to defend your honor?  stay classy, Douglas County.


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