Elisa Baker indicted for murder

Not going anywhere soon
Not going anywhere soon

Elisa Baker indicted on 2nd degree murder charge:

The last we heard about the fate of Sheen-Cow it was brought up that she may be out of jail by Spring on her obstruction of justice charge for her fake ransom note written during the search for Zahra Baker. Now it seems she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon as she has been indicted on 2nd-degree murder charges in the death of Zahra.

Police in Hickory, North Carolina will be holding a press conference at 3pm EST today to discuss further details.

UPDATE 3:15PM EDT: The press conference with Hickory PD was brief and no details were released other than that they feel the murder charge was warranted.

9 thoughts on “Elisa Baker indicted for murder”

  1. YES! YES! YES!! Just the title of the post was enough to make my day!! Finally Zahara will see this monster brought to justice. I bet she’s in heaven smiling right now.

    RIP Zahara


  2. FINALLY! This bitch has been good at covering her tracks. What she did to that child, warrants the death penalty. Lethal injection, hanging, guillotine, something…..she needs to die a violent and wretching death. Personally, she should be fed to Piranhas in the Amazon.


  3. It’s about damn time!! Hopefully, they can make it stick as long as it’s taken to charge the heifer!

    Anyone heard anything more about the “Dad” and whether he’s looking at charges?


  4. I really thought this wench was going to get away with her murder. I really hope this charge sticks and the bitch rots in hell. Isnt it annoying when its clear to everyone including the cops who it was, but the evidence just isnt there??? That must be so frustrating, I hope they found the horse of a different colour that will land this bushpig in the fucking pen where she belongs.


  5. God has a special place up in heaven for children like Zarha ( as well as every other child I read about on this site) and that’s being cradled safely in His arms. Lots of love and hugs and kisses to make up for the ones they didn’t get here.

    God also has a special place prepared for humanoids like this “sheen-cow” and that place has nothing to do with hugs and kisses. I say let’s help speed this bitch to her final reward!


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