Adam Baker talks to Australian media

Adam Baker
Adam Baker

Zahra’s dad talks on TV:

This past Sunday, prior to the announcement of Elisa Baker’s indictment, Adam Baker appeared on the Australian version of 60 Minutes.

He denies dismembering Zahra Baker’s body as claimed by the Sheen-Cow and says that he was afraid of his ‘wife’.

Mr Baker revealed he feared his wife, whom he calls Lisa, was hurting Zahra after he noticed she had a black eye. “I asked both Lisa and Zahra how that happened. Lisa started out saying Zahra slipped in the bathroom, hitting her head on the cabinet. Zahra backed that up. I think she was told to; she was scared.”

He may not have dismembered her body but I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know what was going on.

Not to mention that if he thought Gothapotamus was abusing his daughter why didn’t he get the hell out?

8 thoughts on “Adam Baker talks to Australian media”

  1. He can’t possibly have a good excuse for marrying that vile looking beast. I’m seriously surprised she wasn’t killed by a mob with pitchforks and torches a long time ago.

    Plus, to be blunt, I’ll believe he was involved until proven otherwise.


  2. It seems he cannot be ignorant as to the abuse of the child. How many others suspected it. And he has the audacity as a grown man to claim to be afraid of his wife.. if he was, then how scared was the child?


  3. What’s the deal with all these big dudes claiming to be “scared” of their wives?! Come on – grow a pair! What a weenie.

    Although, I’d have been so scared of the sight of this she-beast I would never have gone near her in the first place.


  4. Was the sex that this dud-dad was getting from this evil hose-bag that good that he was willing to sacrifice his daughter for her?? He lied to the police when he called to report Zahra missing saying he had just seen her the night before when she had actually been gone for a few weeks. In other words, he covered for the evil bitch which makes him just as guilty!!! Why aren’t they arresting him for failing to protect his daughter????? Aarrgh……..


  5. He was scared of her? Grow a fucking pair man! I don’t believe for a second that this mutherfucker didn’t know what was going on. So he was scared of her but not scared enough to put his dick in her? Dude, your story is sooo paper thin I could roll it and smoke something in it! what a douchetard!!


  6. I’d really like to know why this waste of space isn’t up on charges. Whether or not he committed the murder is a moot point. If he didn’t kill her he stood by while it happened. Makes him just as guilty in my book.
    and to use the “I’m afraid of my wife.” bullshit just makes it that much worse. What’s next dumbass? Are you gonna tell us you were only following orders?


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