Russian sex trafficker used craigslist and backpage


Fugitive ringleader of suspected Russian sex ring says Orlando feds have it wrong:

Roman Caraiman is an alleged human trafficker who is said to have brought women from Russia in order to work for his sex ring. Caraiman is also a fugitive from the law who is trying to clear his name to the Orlando Sentinel. He says that the girls he employed only did stripteases and sensual massages. Even if that was true I wouldn’t be surprised if he coercing them to do that with threats of violence or sending them back to Russia.

Anyway, what site do you think this alleged major sex trafficker used to sell the women he brought over from Russia? He didn’t use just one, he used both craigslist and Backpage.

Backpage, as we know, doesn’t even give a crap about human trafficking so that’s not a surprise. What is also not a surprise but is very disheartening is that craigslist was being used. You remember craigslist, don’t you? They’re the site that supposedly got rid of prostitution and human trafficking on its sites. While it’s not as prolific as it once was don’t kid yourself that it’s not still going on through craigslist. It’s just now disguised as ‘massages’ or ‘dating’.

You would think that craigslist would have learned by now that you can’t have an unmoderated site without attracting the criminal element, yet they still haven’t.

2 thoughts on “Russian sex trafficker used craigslist and backpage”

  1. I am going crazy here. This sites are distroying so many relationships…including mine. My bf keeps writing to girls and not only that but Dates and massages are really places where u can get prostitutes .


    1. I know. Relationships are another victim of prostitution. And personally if your bf is writing to these girls and it’s not platonic then yeah, you may want to think about dumping him.


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